Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Photo Fashion Show Presents "Janice Smith"

Welcome back everyone and thanks for taking the time to read my blog. This is our final segment from the Rockaway Beach photo shoot featuring Janice Smith. Janice is not only an aspiring model/actress, but she is also a clothing designer. Janice has created her own clothing line entitled "King Daughters by Janice". I hope to get a chance to talk to her in the near future about her clothing line, but for right now, let's get back to the photo shoot.

Janice is wearing fashions that look great for the fall season. The sweaters that she is wearing in this shoot will enhance any woman's wardobe.

Hello Janice, I just have a few questions about your outfits. On the day that we did your photo shoot, we started off at the beach. As you were standing on the steps looking out into the ocean, you looked very comfortable and relaxed. Please describe what you were wearing for the audience.

ME: Where did you purchase your clothing items from?
JANICE: I purchased my sweaters from The Canan Jean Company located on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. The Canal Jean company is a vintage Store in Brooklyn. I purchased the jeans from Macy's. I purchased them from the Downtown Brooklyn location. I picked up the boots from Bakers and the swimsuit from Starlight. Both stores are in Downtown Brooklyn.

ME: The colors of the sweaters are beautiful, what accessories would you add to your outfit?
JANICE: I didn't really wear much jewelry with this outfit. You can probably wear bracelets and earings, but no necklaces. I'm thinking about blues and purples but I would have to see them.

ME: How would you describe your style?
JANICE: I like to be comfortable, so I would describe my style as "comfortable". I love black, but I'm willing to play with a few colors here and there. I also love bouquets. I also like fancy, but not to much. I'm into comfortable, but yet designer.

ME: Thanks for your insight, if the readers want to know a little bit more about "Janice Smith", what are three words that you would use to best describe yourself and why?
1)Funny-I love to laugh and make people around me laugh and my personality is like that. I enjoy what I do.
2) Believer-I love the Lord.
3) Talented-I'm a designer, actress, model, artist, and I have a mind full of playful/creative ideas.

ME: Finally, in your opinion, what are three must have items for the fall this season?
JANICE: 1) A fur coat is a must for the fall and the winter.
2) Long black or brown boots. They can have a heel or they can be flat. They must be designer boots though.
3) A big bag (It must be styled) to go with almost any sweater.

ME: Janice I would like to thank you for all of your time during our interview. I hope to interview you again so that I can introduce your clothing line to the audience. Until then, take care of yourself.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The MET Fashion Photo Show Presents "Halloween 2010"

Welcome back everyone, this is a special Halloween edition of the fashion photo show blog. NYC plays host to one of the largest Halloween parades on the planet. This years crowd was estimated to be approximately 2 million people. People come to this parade dressed in all sorts of costumes. Some people say that Halloween is another way that people express themselves. Just like fashion, costumes express peoples originality, creativity and fun. Here are some of the costumes, enjoy!