Wednesday, March 19, 2014

MET Fashion Photo Show Presents: "Artist Spotlight featuring Pamela Quinzi and Kilame"

On Tuesday March 18th, Pamela Quinzi returned to the Sky Room to introduce the fashion world to her latest creations from her premier line, "Kilame". I had the opportunity to briefly talk to Pamela about her latest collection before her show.
ME: Good evening Pamela and thanks for taking a couple of minutes to talk about your latest designs from Kilame.
PAMELA: Your welcome.
ME: Pamela, for those who are not familiar with your clothing line, please tell the audience a little bit about your clothing line.
PAMELA: Kilame is my company that consists of shoes, bridal, flats and sneakers. I have a new collection for the spring and this evening you will see the latest addition to my collection in the form of tutu's.
ME: Tutu's? Can you tell us a little bit about them?
PAMELA: The tutu's are from my Cinderella of New York collection. I have two models wearing them this evening. The tutu's are made with crystals.
ME: That sounds great, if anyone is interested in seeing the collection for themselves where can they go?
PAMELA: My website is up and they can learn more about Kilame by visiting my website at ""
ME: Thank you again Pamela for taking the time to talk about your collection.
PAMELA: Thanks for having me.
Well ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning into another edition of the MET Fashion Photo Show. I am happy to report that our latest series; "Beyond the Runway" will be kicking off next week with a very intense discussion examining African Americans and their role in the fashion industry today.