Thursday, December 5, 2013

MET Fashion Photo Show Artist Spotlight Featuring "Gylliayn of Gilliayn Art" and "Ari

Legendary Producer Herbert Fox gives us two shows featuring two distinct artists "Ari Brussani" and "GYLLIAYN, G-Media". Ari Brussani can be found on Facebook. Her unique style makes her dresses very popular. Her designs are simple, trendy and very fashionable. Her dresses can be worn for simply "hanging out" after work, or if your going to a more formal event, her dresses can be worn there as well.

In the second part of the show, Herbert Fox introduces us to a painter whose vision of New York City has led her to create some amazing paintings. When she sees something that she likes she paints it. She has paintings of the Statue of Liberty, the Staten Island Ferry, and her beloved cat just to name a few. When asked about her art and how she would describe her art, she simply same; "Translating Awareness Through Art"

If you would like to see more of GYLLIAYN's work, you can visit her work at " or follow her on Twitter at "@gylliaynart"

MET Fashion Photography Artist Spotlight Featuring "Tia Lyn and Tia Lyn's Lingerie Collection"

Tonight at Rosewood NYC, Hillary Flowers introduces Tia Lyn and the Tia Lyn Lingerie collection to Rosewood. She brings an elegant, classy and sexy look to her lingerie collection that most women should enjoy. When you visit her website at "" you will see a fashion designer who makes all women feel sexy and comfortable with her signature looks. Tia's collection has been described as
follows; "The Tia Lyn collection reveals the underpinnings of a more sophisticated woman where as you get closer to her inner layer, the layers become just as lovely as she is. Best known for its fashionable plus sizes and great fitting curvy styles; Tia Lyn is a two time winner of the international CILA awards for the Best Plus Size Collection."

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

MET Fashion Photo Show Artist Spotlight Presents; "Pamela Quinzi's Holiday Collection" at the Sky Room

Tonight at the Sky Room, Pamela Quinzi once again brings her Kilame Holiday Collection back to New York via the Sky Room. I had the chance to talk to her briefly before the show and I wanted her to talk about her latest designs in her own words.

PAMELA: "This is something that I wanted to do for the holiday season. They will see dresses and shoes inspired by Christmas time. We have a lot of new red dresses. There are also sparkles and crystals as well.
ME: If anyone wants to see more of your collection where can they go to see your collection?

PAMELA: Anyone wanting to see my clothing line can visit my website at "" and there is also a shop online with all of my Kilame collection. They can contact me through the form or by email. They can find out about dresses, sizes, colors, etc.
ME: Now that you have this line for the holidays what do the holidays mean to you?

PAMELA: I'm very happy at this time of the year because I will e visiting my family back in Italy where it is very warm.
ME: It's a nice, balmy 56 degrees in NYC right now which is perfect weather for a fashion show in New York.
PAMELA: Yes it is!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MET Photography's Fashion Photo Show Artist Spotlight Presents: Kenya Smith of Planet Zero Motor Sports Fashion

Kenya K. Smith is a long time motorcyclist who understands the dangers of motorcycle riding.
He is also aware of the limited fashion options that are available to riders. Kenya decided that it was time to create a fashion option that was safe enough to ride in, but also fashionable enough for hanging out as well. Kenya Smith is proud to introduce "Planet Zero Motor Sports Fashion." At the Fat Black Pussy Cat lounge on Tuesday evening, Kenya showed the audience what motorcycle fashion will look like in the future.
Here is some quick information Planet Zero Motor Sports:
-Planet Zero Motor Sports was created in 2009
-Outfits are customized
-The website is
-Planet Zero Motor Sports will appear in Fashion Week 2014 in February
-Planet Zero Motor Sports can be found on Facebook at "Planet Zero Motor Sports"
-Some of the products includes, but is not limited to jackets and helmets
-Planet Zero Motor Sports is not only fashionable, but is also safe to use when riding a motorcycle