Tuesday, December 3, 2013

MET Fashion Photo Show Artist Spotlight Presents; "Pamela Quinzi's Holiday Collection" at the Sky Room

Tonight at the Sky Room, Pamela Quinzi once again brings her Kilame Holiday Collection back to New York via the Sky Room. I had the chance to talk to her briefly before the show and I wanted her to talk about her latest designs in her own words.

PAMELA: "This is something that I wanted to do for the holiday season. They will see dresses and shoes inspired by Christmas time. We have a lot of new red dresses. There are also sparkles and crystals as well.
ME: If anyone wants to see more of your collection where can they go to see your collection?

PAMELA: Anyone wanting to see my clothing line can visit my website at "PamelaQuinzidesigns.com" and there is also a shop online with all of my Kilame collection. They can contact me through the form or by email. They can find out about dresses, sizes, colors, etc.
ME: Now that you have this line for the holidays what do the holidays mean to you?

PAMELA: I'm very happy at this time of the year because I will e visiting my family back in Italy where it is very warm.
ME: It's a nice, balmy 56 degrees in NYC right now which is perfect weather for a fashion show in New York.
PAMELA: Yes it is!


  1. Sei veramente brava Pamela. Complimenti. :)

  2. sono Carlo Bellusci, mi trovi su facebook.