Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The MET Fashion Photo Show Presents "Alexandra Suciu"

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another edition of the MET Fashion Photo Show. Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Alexandra Suciu, artist and fashion designer. Alexandra has been painting for several years and she is currently preparing for her next show taking place on Friday May 3rd at EVR from 7pm x 11pm. She will be presenting her new collection entitled "SPRING EXTRAVAGANZA" Art Show.

ME: Welcome to the show Alexandra.
ALEXANDRA: Thank you for having me.

ME: I want to first focus on your work as an artist. How long have you been painting?
ALEXANDRA: I have been painting for a long time. I have been painting since the age of three. In my paintings, I used different textures, jewelry and other symbols to express my ideas. I look for different things to use in my paintings.

ME: What do you like to paint?
ALEXANDRA: It depends. I like to paint whatever inspires me. During my last exhibition at the DL Lounge, I focused on aquatic images. The name of my last exhibition was “Ocean Deep.” (Photos from this show can be seen in the MET Photography’s Fashion Photography page under “The Fashion & Art Show at the DL Lounge.”) This was a “marine” theme. The main idea behind this exhibit focuses on the following idea; “In everything, if you look hard enough, you will find the treasure.”

ME: What inspires you?
ALEXANDRA: I can’t say that there is just “one” thing that inspires me. When I paint it comes from different things. Feelings, situations, life itself. These things have strong influences on my painting.

ME: Tell us a little bit about your next exhibit.
ALEXANDRA: On Friday May 3rd at EVR, (Located at 54 West 39th Street) I am putting on an exhibit that will focus on the energy of the city. During the art exhibit we will offer you live body painting on two spectacular models. This will not be the regular body painting that you see in clubs, this will be an extension of the art exhibition. Instead of canvas I will paint on the model's toned bodies! This is an ART EXHIBIT. Art takes many forms and I want to show that my art is alive, on canvas or beyond!

This spring I splurge on vivid colors, accents of fuchsia, neon pink, purples in contrast with black and whites.
In the art and fashion capital of the world New York City, I, Alexandra I am bold! I have a say in the art and fashion show scene and I am not afraid to show it! I like to combine classic painting, acrylic on canvas with the energy of the moment and that is how these events are born. The pulse of the city, the fashion trends, the inner thoughts are transcended in this collection, "Dangerous Floral". The fashion shows are more and more in demand and very few people are excited about paintings unless, we the Artists we will show the public that ART is Not boring! Art is spectacular! Paintings last forever. Paintings can be in the spotlight! This is my belief! My paintings are fashionable! I follow or better said I am inspired by fashion trends. I corrected the word "follow" because I do not follow anything, I am a Leader. I can be inspired but never follow a trend just because is there. I need to believe in to create a story!
I associate orchids with the modern woman and man. Beautiful, far from being pure, perfect in it’s structure, emanating a complex sensuality from the blossoms, pretentious, exploding wild energy.
I am making a statement. Come into the game, wear fuchsia, wear neon pink! Or purple! Be a part of my Spring Extravaganza!

This event is an exclusive event that is going to be held upstairs in the VIP section. There will be an open vodka bar from 7pm to 8pm. This will be a private showing since the upstairs area (VIP) is reserved especially for this art event.

ME: If the audience wants to see more of your work where can they see more of your work?
ALEXANDRA: Please let them know that they can visit my website;

ME: You mentioned that you were also a fashion designer, does this have a direct correlation with your art? And if so, what and how are the correlations made?
ALEXANDRA: My ideas go back and forth between my art, and my fashions. Between what goes on in the fashion industry and the trends of people around me, I use them to create my artwork and designs. I tend not to follow trends, I try to create them.

For example, during my last exhibit, I used very special beads and rings for the paintings seen in my show. I focus on fashion and art at the same time because I am directly involved with each industry. I attend a lot of fashion shows. I love fashion. I named one of my sons “Ralph” after the designer Ralph Lauren. I studied Ralph Lauren when I was studying American fashion designers.

I had 3 paintings from different periods of time and different themes on the "Art on the Down Low" DL art event.
"Sahara Brides" 2006-Middle Eastern theme
"Zebra" 2009-Safari Theme
"Ocean Deep" 2013-Marine Theme
I wanted to show my versatility in paintings and how different periods of time in my life, different influences are shown in my artwork. I can say it is a retrospective of my art work. The marine theme was my first event this year held on March 8th at the Empire Hotel. It was entitled; "Summer calling-Ocean Deep."

ME: Well Alexandra, this is a fashion blog so I have to ask you a couple of things about what you are wearing and your fashion ideas. What are you wearing right now?
ALEXANDRA: Right now I am wearing a Christian Dior top, and my pants, jacket and boots are all by Bebe. I love to build my collection based on specific designers. I like the way that you can mix and match different pieces easier by focusing on a selected number of designers. (The green outfit is a short set by Roberto Cavalli, the blue dress that you see was designed by Eli Tahari)

ME: Alexandra, what are three must haves for the current spring season?
ALEXANDRA: The first must have item for the spring season is a fuchsia or pink dress. It should be neon and romantic. The second item is a white dress with lace. The third thing is Christian Louboutin shoes.

ME: Going back to your artwork for a minute, there were models at the Fashion & Art show photographed with your works of art, was there some symbolism or significance for you?
ALEXANDRA: Yes. There is a direct correlation between my artwork and models. As I mentioned earlier, I work in both fields so it only makes sense to incorporate both of them when I can, and as often as I can. There is a photograph of Ahkmel the Model photographed with one of my paintings, he looks great posing with my painting.

When I first was told about the exhibit for Ocean Deep, I didn’t know that there was going to be a fashion component with it. When I found out I hoped for the best and i must say it exceeded my expectations. The show was wonderful!

ME: Before we go, is there one last thing that you would like to say to the audience?
ALEXANDRA: Yes. Please don’t be so critical about fashion designers, artists and models. Try to think about the message or statement that the artist or designer is trying to get across. What is the artist saying, or trying to say with this piece? Try to learn about their story.

ME: Thank you Alexandra for taking the time to sit down and discuss your artwork and fashion with the audience.
ALEXANDRA: It was my pleasure! Thank you for having me!

ME: Once again ladies and gentlemen, thank you again for tuning into the latest edition of the MET Fashion Photo Show blog!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The MET Fashion Photo Show Artist Spotlight featuring "Ebony Edwards"

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to a new feature found in the MET Fashion Photo Show blog called "Artist Spotlight." Artist Spotlights will showcase fashion designers, models, photographers, producers, and anyone else directly involved in the fashion industry. Artist Spotlights will give you the a brief introduction to the artist being featured, and the products and/or services that they are providing for the public. Today's Artist Spotlight features Ebony Edwards, model and designer. She is the force behind "Train Dirty Fitness."

Fashion Subject: Ebony Edwards

Clothing Line(s):"Hello World Stylez, Work It Girl & Train Dirty Fitness"

Location of Product(s)/Service(s): Facebook

Description of Product(s)/Service(s): "My clothing line is very universal. You can wear an outfit three different times. My clothing line is making a statement; Hello world! I'm trying to make a statement everywhere you go with my clothing line."

Tagline(s): "As a young woman, mother or lady, you will always have a new look."

What the artist(s) wants you to know: "Showing some skin is not necessarily a bad thing. I want to sell sex appeal, jazzy and classy."

What the artist is wearing now: Ebony is currently wearing a piece called "Connections". The blouse can be closed when you want it to. It can be worn with a nice pair of leggings and heels. Ebony is currently demonstrating the versatility of her outfit with leggings and heels.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Fashion Show at the DL Lounge

On Friday April 4th, the DL lounge located at 95 Delancy Street featured the fashions of Coco De Milo (Produced by Ammna), the art of Alexandra Suciu and the models associated with Dereon Fierce. The show was produced by Herbert Fox & John Mc Mullen. I had the opportunity to speak with Dereon Fierce & Ammna during the course of the evening about the fashions and the fashion show itself. Without further ado, welcome to the latest edition of the MET Fashion Photo Show blog featuring Dereon Fierce and Ammna.

ME: Good evening Ammna and welcome to the latest edition of the Fashion Photo Show blog. You're here tonight to introduce our guests to your latest creations. Please describe your latest collections for our guests.
AMMNA: This is my Summer 2013 Collection. This collection has resort wear and safari inspired prints. This collection has lightweight fabrics and have a lot of femininity. They are also easy to walk around in and can be worn in the daytime or evening.

ME: Can you tell the audience how long have you been creating designs and what you were doing before you were a fashion designer?
AMMNA: I have been a fashion designer since 2012. Prior to becoming a designer I was a freelance graphic designer for five years. I have been working in the fashion industry for the same length of time.

ME: What is one of the things that you love about the fashion industry?
AMMNA: I love prints! I get inspired by looking at different fabrics. This is how I create my prints. I have been designing my own prints. I use vibrant colors that "pop" with muted designs. I want my designs to stand out but not to the point where they are standing out for the wrong reasons. I want my designs to be "individualized" so that you can stand out for the right reasons. My looks are also "trendy". You will see lots of different things including printed tights, (including photographic images) skull prints, patterns and florals.

ME: What else will we see?
AMMNA: You will see shifon, fabric dresses, light weigh dresses, dresses that feature long lengths in the back, but short lengths in the front.

ME: What do you think we will see this spring season in 2013?
AMMNA: I believe that you will see light colors, specifically peach and coral. Muted colors and patterns are also in.

ME: This is the part of the blog where I like to ask my guests what are three must have items for the upcoming spring seeason.
AMMNA: The three must have items for this season in my opinion are
1) Tights
2) Mullet dresses (Dresses that are long from the back in length, but short from the front in length)
3) Jumpsuits, I like the tight legged jumpsuit

ME: When you design your clothing, what are some of your thoughts going into your creations?
AMMNA: As a graphic artist and clothing designer, my thoughts are aimed at soft, light items that are good to wear in the evening. My pieces are "demure" and "funky" at the same time. Even though the pieces are modest, they are still "show stoppers." For example, my mullet dressis a very versatile piece. You can wear it up or down. You should wear it with a bright red belt or with a bright red lipstick. This dress can be worn to work as well as in the evening.

ME: What about your "prints"?
AMMNA: When mixing my prints, there is a dominant pattern. The tights are the main item as opposed to prior years where the tops were dominant.

ME: Ammna, I would like to thank you for taking the time out to participate in this edition of the Fashion Photo Show blog.
AMMNA: You're welcome.

ME: At this time I wanted to speak to the creator of the show and ask him about his thoughts as they relate to the
show. As he was running around making sure that every detail was up to his standards, he did provide the following statement; "This is my show and I am the coordinator. Every aspect of this show from the runway through the designers were carefully picked out." (Incidentally there is an art show taking place at the same venue and the pieces that you see on the walls belong to a great artist who we hope to speak to in the near future)

I wanted to speak to, in my opinion, fashions first couple, Jennifer Lynn Chlebowsi and Bradley Scott Deitterick
to get their opinion about tonight's show.
BRADLEY: "We are expecting great designs, show stoppers, and Dereon in a dress!"

ME: Lol, ladies & gentlemen, I don't think that I can come up with a quote that can top that one! Stay tuned as I will be visiting Club DL located at 95 Delancey Street on Thursday April 11th for another Herbert Fox Fashion & Art Show. Thank you again for tuning in!