Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Fashion Show at the DL Lounge

On Friday April 4th, the DL lounge located at 95 Delancy Street featured the fashions of Coco De Milo (Produced by Ammna), the art of Alexandra Suciu and the models associated with Dereon Fierce. The show was produced by Herbert Fox & John Mc Mullen. I had the opportunity to speak with Dereon Fierce & Ammna during the course of the evening about the fashions and the fashion show itself. Without further ado, welcome to the latest edition of the MET Fashion Photo Show blog featuring Dereon Fierce and Ammna.

ME: Good evening Ammna and welcome to the latest edition of the Fashion Photo Show blog. You're here tonight to introduce our guests to your latest creations. Please describe your latest collections for our guests.
AMMNA: This is my Summer 2013 Collection. This collection has resort wear and safari inspired prints. This collection has lightweight fabrics and have a lot of femininity. They are also easy to walk around in and can be worn in the daytime or evening.

ME: Can you tell the audience how long have you been creating designs and what you were doing before you were a fashion designer?
AMMNA: I have been a fashion designer since 2012. Prior to becoming a designer I was a freelance graphic designer for five years. I have been working in the fashion industry for the same length of time.

ME: What is one of the things that you love about the fashion industry?
AMMNA: I love prints! I get inspired by looking at different fabrics. This is how I create my prints. I have been designing my own prints. I use vibrant colors that "pop" with muted designs. I want my designs to stand out but not to the point where they are standing out for the wrong reasons. I want my designs to be "individualized" so that you can stand out for the right reasons. My looks are also "trendy". You will see lots of different things including printed tights, (including photographic images) skull prints, patterns and florals.

ME: What else will we see?
AMMNA: You will see shifon, fabric dresses, light weigh dresses, dresses that feature long lengths in the back, but short lengths in the front.

ME: What do you think we will see this spring season in 2013?
AMMNA: I believe that you will see light colors, specifically peach and coral. Muted colors and patterns are also in.

ME: This is the part of the blog where I like to ask my guests what are three must have items for the upcoming spring seeason.
AMMNA: The three must have items for this season in my opinion are
1) Tights
2) Mullet dresses (Dresses that are long from the back in length, but short from the front in length)
3) Jumpsuits, I like the tight legged jumpsuit

ME: When you design your clothing, what are some of your thoughts going into your creations?
AMMNA: As a graphic artist and clothing designer, my thoughts are aimed at soft, light items that are good to wear in the evening. My pieces are "demure" and "funky" at the same time. Even though the pieces are modest, they are still "show stoppers." For example, my mullet dressis a very versatile piece. You can wear it up or down. You should wear it with a bright red belt or with a bright red lipstick. This dress can be worn to work as well as in the evening.

ME: What about your "prints"?
AMMNA: When mixing my prints, there is a dominant pattern. The tights are the main item as opposed to prior years where the tops were dominant.

ME: Ammna, I would like to thank you for taking the time out to participate in this edition of the Fashion Photo Show blog.
AMMNA: You're welcome.

ME: At this time I wanted to speak to the creator of the show and ask him about his thoughts as they relate to the
show. As he was running around making sure that every detail was up to his standards, he did provide the following statement; "This is my show and I am the coordinator. Every aspect of this show from the runway through the designers were carefully picked out." (Incidentally there is an art show taking place at the same venue and the pieces that you see on the walls belong to a great artist who we hope to speak to in the near future)

I wanted to speak to, in my opinion, fashions first couple, Jennifer Lynn Chlebowsi and Bradley Scott Deitterick
to get their opinion about tonight's show.
BRADLEY: "We are expecting great designs, show stoppers, and Dereon in a dress!"

ME: Lol, ladies & gentlemen, I don't think that I can come up with a quote that can top that one! Stay tuned as I will be visiting Club DL located at 95 Delancey Street on Thursday April 11th for another Herbert Fox Fashion & Art Show. Thank you again for tuning in!

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