Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MET Fashion Photo Show Introduces Shadeeka Campbell

Good afternoon again ladies and gentlemen and thank you for joining me in another edition of the MET Fashion Photo Show blog. My blog focuses on real New Yorker’s wearing real New York fashions. In addition to interviewing New Yorker’s wearing the hottest fashions, I am going to also interview clothing & jewelry designers, and fashion models as well. In today’s edition of the blog I am going to focus on the fashion show held at City Tech College. The creator of this show (Marcus Campbell) is focusing on the fashion shows held at Bryant Park in NYC. This particular show has been entitled "Bryant Park at City Tech". Earlier I introduced you to Amy Robin, one of the twelve designers featured in today's fashion show. At this time it is my pleasure to introduce you to another fashion designer, Shadeeka Campbell.

ME: Good afternoon Shadeeka and thank you for allowing me to interview you for the latest edition of the Fashion Photo Show blog.
Shadeeka Campbell: Thank you for having me.

ME: Please tell the audience a little bit about your company; 6XII.com and how it got started.
Shadeeka Campbell: I came up with the name because this is my birthday. I started designing clothes in 2012. I never sewed before. On my birthday I requested a sewing machine or my birthday. (June 12th, this is the same name as the company)

ME: Can you tell the audience what or who got you started?
Shadeeka Campbell: My brother (Marcus Campbell, producer of the show) convinced me to do a project for him. My first project was a leotard.

ME: If someone is interested in learning more about 6XII.com how can they learn more?
Shadeeka Campbell: If you or anyone else want to learn more about my company, they can visit my website at www.6XII.com, or my Facebook page via Faceboo.com/6XII.com

ME: Please use 3 words that would best describe your product line
1) Bright
2) Bold
3) Fierce

ME: What makes your products unique?
Shadeeka Campbell: My products are unique because I am not afraid to do something different. Whatever comes into my head is what I am going to make. I like to view my clothing line as "Jaw Dropping Fierce!" The gown that I created tonight is heart couture, retro and funky.

ME: What is the expected availability date of your product(s)? Is there a website that our audience can visit to see more of your product line?
Shadeeka Campbell: My products are made on a "pre-order" basis so everything is custom made. If you see something and want to have something similar, I can make it.

ME: You’re participating in today’s show. What does it mean to you?
Shadeeka Campbell: Participating in this show means a lot to me. I know that there were a lot of designers that tried out and didn't make it. I know that I am going to be successful.

ME: Is there anything else that you want the audience to know about your product line?
Shadeeka Campbell: I want the audience to know that what you see is what you get. Quoting Missy Elliot; "My style can't be duplicated or recycled".

ME: This is the part of the blog where I ask my guests their opinion in what are the must have items for the season. What are the 3 must have items for the spring?
Shadeeka Campbell:: The must have items for the new season are:

1) Pastels
2) Hair extensions
3) A good pair of 5 inch heels and up

ME: Thank you for participating in today's blog.

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