Sunday, September 4, 2016

Artist Spotlight Presents; Fashion Designer Judith Barnes and fashion Model Andrea Hudson

MET Photography Special Events Photography Presents:
“Artist Spotlight” featuring fashion designer Judith Barnes & fashion model Andrea Hudson

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another edition of “Artist Spotlight”, now under MET Photography’s Special Event Photography. Today we are going to speak to fashion designer Judith Barnes, and fashion model, Andrea Hudson. Andrea is going to be wearing JB Couture by Judith Barnes.

ME: Good evening Judith and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down and tell us about your collection. (Judith is the founder and creator of JB Couture
JUDITH: I have many different collections that I do, from ballroom gowns to beach wear. I am popular for my mermaid gowns with detachable trains. The train can be taken off of the gown and it then becomes a cocktail dress. I am also popular for my ballroom gowns. My gowns make the models feel as though they are in a fairy tail. My designs are made of many flowing beautiful sequence, chiffon fabrics trim with rhinestones and lace. This gives them an extra fancy look. I love different bright colors which this is the season for. I use yellow, orange, purple, blue and a mixture of multi-colors all in one fabric. For beach wear, I love to design the matching cover ups for my swim wear in flowing fabrics and many colors. I also like to create big hats and matching beach bags. My collections can be worn on the red carpet. I am looking forward to seeing some of them on the red carpet very soon.

ME: Judith, please tell the audience where we can find your collections.
JUDITH: The audience can find my collections on my website at, and on Facebook at Judith Barnes jbcouture

ME: Today, fashion Model Andrea Hudson modeled a few of your pieces for our fashion shoot. Can you please provide the audience with some additional details about some of the designs?
JUDITH: That’s a hard one to choose, Andrea tried on several gowns today and everyone of them fit her perfectly. One of the pieces is a gold two piece, detachable gown with a big rose in the upper side of the shoulder. There are roses around the bottom of the dress. The skirt can be remove and it becomes a cocktail dress , the other one is one of my favorite on her, it is a multi colors of blue mermaid fitted gown that I hand painted it with beads and rhinestones on it, the other one is a beige and black plaid mermaid gown that looks beautiful on her also, and the hot pink gown which is a sequence and flowing chiffon long mermaid bottom is also beautiful on her. There is also a blue sheer lace cocktail dress that is also beautiful on her.

ME: Please describe for the audience your inspiration for your latest collection.
JUDITH: I get my inspiration from the beautiful fabrics that I use. When I see a fabric, I envision what I can design with it and that gives me my inspiration. The collection that I am using for the photo shoot today is my inspiration. There are the different bright colors for the season. The holidays are coming up soon so you can wear golds, plaids, rhinestones and sequences.

ME: New York Fashion Week is about to begin in less than two weeks, who are some of the designers that you will be following?
JUDITH: I wanted to take part in fashion week myself but I didn’t get through in time, hopefully I can do it next year, I haven’t had a chance to know which designers are taking part, but I will follow the up and coming designers that are trying to get themselves discovered.

ME: Thank you Judith. What do you want the audience to walk away with in regards to your collection?
JUDITH: I want my audience to know that I can design anything that they have in mind, or that they want me to create. I can do it. I am a designer that can design beach wear, casual wear, wedding gowns, bridesmaid gowns, prom dresses, cocktail dresses and red carpet dresses. My designs are timeless classics that can be worn anytime.

ME: Thank you Judith.
JUDITH: You are very welcome.

Now ladies and gentlemen we have the pleasure to speak with our feature model, Andrea Hudson.

ME: Good afternoon Andrea and welcome to “Artist Spotlight”. Today we will be talking about your life as a model, how your modeling career in Fort Lauderdale is going and what it’s like to be a fashion model for JB Couture.
ANDREA: Hello Darryl. Thanks for having me, Modeling is my passion. This was something that I was born to do.

ME: First, I’ll start off with the most obvious question, how long have you been modeling?
ANDREA: I’ve been modeling professionally since 2014.

ME: You live in Fort Lauderdale. What’s it like to model in Fort Lauderdale? Do you have a lot of modeling opportunities in Fort Lauderdale?
ANDREA: Well being a Brand Ambassador for PUSH Models gives me many opportunities. trade Shows, host, fashion shows and other promotional modeling events. I work in different cities in Florida, Fort Lauderdale being one of them.
ME: You’re about 20 minutes from Miami. Miami sponsors Miami Fashion Week in July. Have you ever participated in Miami Fashion week?
ANDREA: Yes. I participated in Miami Fashion Week last month and last year.

ME: Today you had the opportunity to wear JB Couture by Judith Barnes. What was this experience like?
ANDREA: I felt honored. Judith is such a great designer and I love her Collection and loved being in her designs. Today was fantastic.

ME: What do you like most about her collection?
ANDREA: I love the way I feel in her designs. Elegant in her Gowns, beautiful in her dresses & casual wear, Sexy in her swimsuits but always classy. I’ve had the opportunity to walk the runway in her Couture Gowns and there is a certain level of confidence that it gives me, I feel like a queen, lol. I also love the pieces that are 2 dresses 1. You have the choice to wear a gown with a beautiful long train or a short dress because the train can be taken off and put back on. So cool.

ME: Thank you for your time Andrea. Before we go, do you have any last thoughts for the audience?
ANDREA: Yes, follow me on social media
Facebook: Andrea Hudson
Instagram: Bossydrea26
FB fanpage:

ME: I just want to take this opportunity to once again thank you and Judith for sharing your time as well as the JB Couture collection with the audience.
ANDREA: You’re very welcome.