Thursday, March 24, 2011

MET Fashion Photo Show Presents Tasian Mohan

Good evening everyone and welcome back to a special edition of the Fashion Photo Show blog. Today I have the pleasure of featuring Ms. Tasian Mohan for our latest segment called "Quick Hits". Quick Hits focuses on everyday New Yorker's that are taking great strides in advancing their lives and careers. Unlike our regular segments that include detailed interviews with our guests, "Quick Hits" provides the opportunity for our guests to describe themselves in a few sentences. However, I am still focused on the original goal which is to provide you with interviews featuring real New Yorker's wearing real New York fashions. At this time it is my pleasure to introduce you to Tasian Mohan.

Tasian is currently employed as an investigator with the New York City Law Department. Tasian is an aspiring Immigration attorney. She is constantly keeping up with current events as they relate to immigration law. She describes herself as "never being complacent." With the knowledge that she has acquired, Tasian is constantly setting new goals for herself. Tasian says that she "always stretches her mind into something that it was not the day before." She also says that she allows every experience to shape her, while never losing a handle on her own personal convictions. Tasian believes that all of her accomplishments were made possible with the help of God and her family. Her family fervently lives by the following motto, “Prayer and work conquers all!"

Tasian has a high flair for fashion and describes her style as chic, elegant and sophisticated. Tasian describes herself as quite the "girly girl" and believes that being comfortable in the clothes that she wears brings out confidence. In the pictures featured in her blog, Tasian is wearing a black top from Victoria's Secret, a skirt from the Banana Republic and she is wearing Steve Madden boots that were purchased from the Steve Madden store.
I took the liberty of asking Tasian three questions as they relate to her personality and her fashion style.

What three words would you use to describe yourself and why?
1)Determined-I am determine to keep my dreams alive and understand that in order to achieve anything worth while requires faith, belief and dedication.
2) Compassionate-I belief that if you want others to be happy you must practice compassion and then you in turn will be happy.
3) Honest-Integrity is telling myself the truth and honesty is telling other people the truth

How would you describe your fashion Sense?
I would describe my fashion sense as "Chic and Elegant"

What are three must have items for the spring?
1) Nude pumps
2) Envelope pocket book
3) Soft short leather jacket

Thank you Tasian, and thank you ladies and gentlemen for taking the time out to read the very first edition of "Quick Hits" featuring Tasian Mohan.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

MET Fashion Photo Show Presents Nijzae "Nanee" Frazier

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another edition of the Fashion Photo Show blog. Birthdays are very special events that only come once a year. We like to celebrate them with family and friends and everyone wants to look and feel their best. Sweet 16 parties have undergone a huge transformation as parents and children want to make their parties huge events. MTV's "Super Sweet 16" depicts this by showing today's hottest parties and what it cost to have them. Today we are going to visit the Sweet 16 birthday party of (Nijzae "Nanee" Frazier)

ME: Good afternoon Nanee and thank you for participating in this weeks edition of the fashion photo shoot blog.
NANEE: Your welcome

ME: Nanee, you just celebrated your Sweet 16 birthday party on Sunday February 20th. It also happened to be your actual birthday. About 200 people if not more attended your party. The theme of your party was "Barbie." Can you tell the audience what this experience was like for you?
NANEE: It was cool and stressful at the same time. Over 375 people attended my party so it was cool to be around so many of my friends and family members. When we were getting fitted for our dresses we became closer as friends. The stressful part was going back and forth with my mother about the different ideas and direction that we wanted the party to go in. She kept telling me "no" on a lot of things that I wanted to do. Another stressful thing was people not coming to rehearsal when they were supposed to. We choreographed a dance routine and we had to partner people up. We had to make sure that everything was coordinated. Finally, the boys not wanting to dance made it stressful.

ME: Sweet 16 parties have been described as mini weddings. The gown, the reception, the cake, or in your case, "cakes", (There were two cakes prepared for this event) and the large amount of guests that attended rivaled that of a big wedding. Do you see the similarities, or do you think that the comparison is overrated?
NANEE: Yes! I definitely see the similarities between a sweet 16 and a wedding! The only difference that I really see is that you don't have a groom, but you still have a date. I don't have a husband so we didn't have to jump over a broom. (Lol) You have more fun at a sweet 16.

ME: Nanee, Now that the event is over is there anything that you wish you could have done differently?
NANEE: No, I liked the way everything turned out. I would have done everything the same way.

ME: Nanee, I am about to photograph two more sweet 16 parties in the near future, is there any advice that you would give to the parents, or planners of these events?
NANEE: Yes, don't have a big court. There were 26 of us. You have to have a positive attitude. You should also listen to other people when they give advice. Especially if you are close to them. Make sure that you have plenty of rehearsals because there is a lot of time, money and energy being put into this event.

ME: Nanee, you wore a beautiful pink gown with some interesting footwear. Please describe the sneakers that you were wearing?
NANEE: My sneakers came from Converse. I love Converse sneakers! My mother came up with the idea to design my sneakers. My uncle and my godfather wanted to be a part of the "changing of the shoes" ceremony.

ME: Nanee can you please tell the audience what the "changing of the shoes" portion of the program was and what it represented?
Nanee: Sure, the changing of the shoes ceremony is the removal of your sneakers or other footwear that you normally like to wear, to a pair of heels which represents the changing over into adulthood for a young lady.

ME: Thank you Nanee. Well, this blog focuses on real New Yorker's wearing real New York fashions. Please describe the outfits that you were wearing and where you purchased them.
NANEE: I was wearing a Pucci dress that I purchased from a boutique on Jamaica Avenue. I ended up changing into a second dress that I picked up on Jamaica Avenue as well. I can't remember the designer though.

ME: That's ok. How would you describe your fashion style? What do you like wearing to school?
NANEE: My fashion style is pretty simple. I like designer clothes. My favorite designer is Betsy Johnson. I also like True Religion and Hot Topic. Sometimes I like to dress up and sometimes I just like wearing jeans. I love fashion name designers. I also love Taveraniti Jeans.

ME: Nanee I want you to think about three words that you would use to best describe your fashion style.
1) Crazy
2) Fly
3) Trendy

ME I now want you to think about three words that you would use to best describe yourself and why.
1) Beautiful, both inside and out.
2) Strong Minded, because once I make up my mind about something that's it! (Lol)
3) Caring, I care a lot about people in general, especially the elderly. I really care about people that I am close too.

Thank you Nanee, I appreciate all of your time and energy that you put into this edition of the blog. You and your family did a wonderful job in putting together your sweet 16.
NANEE: I want to thank you Mr. Madison for all of my beautiful pictures and helping me out on such short notice. This was an experience that I will never forget. I just want to also thank everyone who participated. Peace, love, money and happiness!

ME: Well ladies and gentleman I would like to personally thank you once again for visiting the MET Fashion Photo Show blog. Until next time, have a blessed day and don't forget to become a follower. Visit the upper right hand section of the blog and click on "Followers."