Tuesday, August 20, 2013

MET Fashion Photo Show Special Edition Presents: "The Networking Event at MI-5"

On Monday evening at the M1-5 lounge in Lower Manhattan(52 Walker Street), the M1-5 lounge played host to "Fashion Fete", a networking, fashion show event filled with designers, models and performers. Several designers lined the runway with their latest fashions while vendors in attendance shared their own product lines with the audience. I had the pleasure of interviewing two of the featured entrepreneurs who wowed the audience at the show with their creations. My first guest designer of the evening was Ms. Reeta Grinnard of "Cuffem". Cuffem is a flexible cuff for locks, braids and natural hair.

ME: Good evening Ms. Grinnard, please tell the audience how you created your company "Cuffem" and what motivated you to do so.
REETA GRINNARD: I was inspired to create my company in 2010. My locks were getting longer. I wanted to get away from the products that were out there that I used to maintain my locks. Every time that I tried to use a product to tie up my locks it would end up breaking them. I created Cuffem for everyone who was going through the same thing that I was.

ME: If someone is interested in learning more about your products, where can they go?
REETA GRINNARD: My website is "Flexiblecuffforlocks.com". They can also look for my page on Facebook. I have different sizes and colors.
The second designer that I interviewed is a jewelry designer. Dennis Arnold is the creator of "The Lewis Butu Collection". Dennis's jewelry is simple and sophisticated. It can be worn with mostly anything. He sticks to basic colors and designs to blend in with the outfits that a person is wearing.

"His jewelry accessorizes without overpowering what the person is wearing."

Dennis's product line is available at "Lewisbutu.com". You can also find his jewelry on Facebook. Products can be ordered both online and on Facebook.

The first show this evening featured "Rebirth" by Kerry Donald. One thing that can be appreciated with her line is the fact that it doesn't matter if you are going to work, or an evening on the town, her clothing line looks right for either occasion.

Friday, August 16, 2013

The MET Fashion Photo Show is Proud to Present "Eric Vega Productions and Friends"

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to a special edition of the MET Fashion Photo Show blog This evening we are featuring Eric Vega Productions. We are here at the DL Lounge located in lower Manhattan. (95 Delancy Street at the corner of Ludlow Street) Earlier this evening, Eric Vega with the help of Trish Ramado, DJ David S of 92.3 and fashion designers Alina LAL Couture, Ola Styles and Paula Meneses put on a four great shows featuring beautiful dresses and exotic swimwear. Eric Vega has been producing shows all across the city and he has extended his hand most recently into swimsuit design. Eric provided another look at his 2014 swimwear collection for the audience last night. Needless to say everyone was very impressed. Don't just take my word for it, see for yourself.

ME: Good evening everyone and thank you for taking time out to give me a few minutes for this interview.
EVERYONE: You are very welcome.

ME: Tonight we have three shows scheduled for this evening.
TRISH: Actually, we just added a fourth show.

ME: Four shows? Wow, what will we be seeing tonight?
TRISH: You will see designs by Eric Vega, Alina LAL Couture, Ola Styles and Paula Meneses. We have swimwear and beautiful dresses.

ME: Let's start off with you Charlie, (Charlie Anderson, Model) tell us what it's like performing in a show for Ola Styles.
CHARLIE: I like walking for Ola. She is originally from St. Louis and she brought a great clothing line with her. I have walked for her about five different times in the last three years and I love her clothing line! She just has a different look for everything that she does. She takes a swimsuit and just makes it better!
ME: You're participating in today's show, what does it mean to you?
CHARLIE: Participating in today's show means a lot to me. She trusts me to make her clothes look great and that is something that is very important to me.

ME: If anyone is interested in learning more about Ola's creations, where can they go for more information?
CHARLIE: Anyone interested in seeing her clothing line can go to Facebook and type in "Ola Style"

ME: (Right now our designers have to prepare for the start of the show so Charlie agrees to give me a few more minutes) Charlie, I know that you have to run so please tell the audience three words that you would use to best describe her clothing line.
CHARLIE: The three words that I would use to best describe her designs are Edgy, Fun and Original.

ME: New York fashion is extremely important in the fashion world and I like to ask my guests what three must have items should be purchased for the upcoming fall season.
JULIE REISMAN, MAKEUP ARTIST: A simple black dress, great accessories and fabulous makeup!

ME: Thank you everyone for a few minutes. Right now I am going to show you some of the designs presented at the show.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for taking the time out to read another edition of the MET Fashion Photo Show. For more information about the designers and their products, visit them on Facebook, or online at their respective websites including, but not limited to the following; "Ericvegafashion.com, Ola Style, designs by Paula Meneses and Alina LAL Couture." If you would like to see the full show please visit my Facebook page at MET Photography's Fashion Photography page.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

MET Fashion Photo Show Presents "Artist Spotlight featuring Celebrity Fashion Designer Jason Christopher Peters"

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome a special edition of the MET Fashion Photo Show blog. Tonight's spotlight focuses on celebrity fashion designer Jason Christopher Peters.Jason's fashions have appeared in the following magazines; PEOPLE, Cosmopolitan, Star, Us Weekly, OK!, Teen People, Sister to Sister, Face On, Beautiful Girl, Style 101, and many more. Jason has a unique eye for design and his appearance in fashion shows draws very large crowds. This was evident last night at the Sky Room as there was standing room only as Jason introduced his latest designs to the delight of many fashionistas in attendance.

I was able to learn a little more about Jason and his designs through his colleague, Ms Christina Marie Edwards.

ME: Good evening Christina and thank you for taking a few minutes to answer some of the questions in regards to Jason's clothing line.
CHRISTINA: You are very welcome.
ME: Please tell the audience a little bit about Jason Peters and how his company (Jason Christopher Peters) got started.
CHRISTINA: Jason was freelancing and designing while in California. He was working with another designer when he realized how good his clothing line was. He decided that he could make a great impact in the fashion industry.
ME: Can you tell the audience what or who got him started?
CHRISTINA: Jason was attending law school and while he was in school he started designing. Jason was also a model and he still models today. His designs became very popular and his clothing line skyrocketed. (The likes of celebrities such as Betsy Johnson and Omarion have worn his fashions in the past)
ME: If someone is interested in learning more about Jason Peters and his clothing line how can they learn more?
CHRISTINA: If anyone is interested in his clothing line they can get more information on his website; www.jasonchristopherpeters.com.
ME: Christina, I know that you have to run but please use 3 words that would best describe Jason's product line.
CHRISTINA: Innovative, Eclectic and Unique.
ME: As I continue to photograph Jason, the models and all of the invited guests who have attended tonight's show, Jason apologizes for not having enough time to complete the interview himself but I know that he was working all afternoon making sure that everything was perfect for tonights show. It was not only an event for Jason, but it was also a celebration for Fashion Show Producer Urban Gypsy. She is celebrating two years in the industry producing shows all over the city.

This concludes tonight's edition of "Artist Spotlight". Stay tuned as we will visit Urban Gypsy Productions next week as the Indo-Caribbeans's youngest and most daring designer, Renu Dasrath, as she unveils a tantalizing new Cocktail Dress line in a live rooftop fashion show.