Wednesday, April 23, 2014

MET Fashion Show Artist Spotlight Featuring Gigi Carnett and her new fashion line "Peacock"

The Sky Room is now responsible for "Fashion After Work" on Tuesday evenings at the Sky Room. Today's edition of Fashion After Work features the enormously talented Gigi Carnett and her upcoming Spring/Summer collection called "Peacock" for her collection, Gigi Glam. Peacock features feathers and fur wit bold and bright colors. I asked Gigi to talk about her latest creations.

Gigi Carnett: I wanted to do something with feathers and fur. I also wanted to throw in plastic. This makes for something different. I love bold and bright colors. I knew that there was a bird that had a lot of colors that is beautiful. (The peacock) I took some feathers, picked out bright colors such as yellow, red and orange and added a few extra things."

Gigi Carnett: "I really wanted the colors to be striking, and to stand out. This collection of lingerie is available now. I want to thank all of my makeup artists, models, the producer, the Photographers and all of my friends who helped me put this show together. Everyone did a wonderful job!"

You can find Gigi Carnett's latest collection as well as some of her other designs on her Facebook page. While on Facebook, just type in "Gigi Carnett.