Saturday, February 12, 2011

MET Fashion Photo Show Presents "Tykime Davis "

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to another edition of the MET Fashion Photo Show blog. As much as I like interviewing people wearing the latest winter fashions, I would love to show you some spring fashions. That would mean that we are finally changing over to some decent weather. With that in mind, the sun was out when we did this photo shoot and the temperatures were above freezing for a change. There were still four foot drifts of snow lying on the streets but that didn't stop us from going outside and taking advantage of some sun. The photo shoot didn't last too long because it was still very cold outside. Tykime handled the cold weather like a true professional. With that being said, let me introduce you to today's fashion show subject, Ms. Tykime Davis.

ME: Good afternoon Tykime, I want to first say thank you for not only participating in today's blog session, but for taking some of these pictures outside in the cold. Even though the sun was out, it was still pretty cold.
TYKIME: Your welcome and I'm glad to be here.

ME: For those of you who are new to the blog, the MET Fashion Photo Show focuses on real New Yorkers wearing real clothes purchased somewhere in New York City. The idea is to learn a little bit about the subject we are focusing on, their clothing syle, and where their items can be purchased as well as where to go for services such as a barber shop for a haircut, or the best beauty salons for ladies to get their hair done. Even though it's February, people are still attending functions where they have to dress up in dresses, gowns and suits. In addition, people still have to go on job interviews and when doing so, they must look their best. A business suit is a must have item. Today I asked Tykime to wear an evening gown and a business suit just to remind people that just because the weather is bad outside, you still have to look good when you are inside.

ME: Tykime, please tell the audience how we pronounce your name.
TYKIME: It's pronounced "Ty-Keem"

ME: TYKIME: Thank you

ME: Please tell the audience a little about yourself.
TYKIME: I love acting and dance. I am an aspiring actress that has performed in several plays and movies over the last few years. I started out as a dancer and I l love all types of dance. However, I perform most of my dance routines in the following forms of dance. They are Hip Hop, Jazz, African, Belly and Praise and Worship.

ME: What roles have you been involved in as an actress?
TYKIME: I have played small parts in different films. I had a small part in Mickey Rourke's film "The Wrestler" in which he won the academy award, and I also had a small part in Beyonce's film "Cadillac". I have also appeared in several independent short films and I also perform in plays as well. I choreographed a play at the Ujamaa Black Theater. It is something that I am very proud of.

ME: What are some of your future projects?
TYKIME: Right now I am shooting an independent film and I am taking classes to become a better actress.

ME: What do you like most about acting?
TYKIME: I like the fact that you can change into a different person.

ME: Please describe for the audience what you are wearing.
TYKIME: I am wearing an aquamarine evening gown with silver shoes.

ME: It's a beautiful gown and you look great in it. Where did you purchase your gown and shoes from?
TYKIME: I purchased the evening gown from Macy's. I purchased the shoes from a little boutique on Jamaica Avenue.

ME: Where did you get your hair done?
TYKIME: I got my hair done at a salon located in Jamaica off of Sutphin Blvd. and Jamaica Avenue. My stylist's name is "Isabel."

ME: Where else could you wear this outfit?
TYKIME: This outfit could be worn to almost any formal affair. (Anniversary dinner, award ceremony, etc.)

ME: How would you describe your fashion style?
TYKIME: I would describe my fashion style as "Sexy", "Classy" and "Fun"

ME:No sooner than Tykime uses the word "fun" to describe her fashion style, she changes into her business suit and we were able to take the following photos. Tykime really enjoys looking her best and she can't wait to introduce everyone to her "fun" side.

ME: Where did you purchase this suit?
Tykime: This is an Ann Taylor suit that I purchased from Macy's.

ME: And the shoes?
Tykime: I got the shoes from Nine West.

ME: Thanks for your identifying your outfit for us. If the readers want to know a little bit more about "Tykime Davis", what are three words that you would use to describe yourself?
TYKIME: 1) Spiritual 2) Loving 3) Focused

ME: Finally, in your opinion, what are three must have items for the winter season?
TYKIME: 1) Scarf 2) Boots 3) Hat

ME: Tykime I want to take this tme to thank you for your time and for participating in this weeks edition of the MET Fashion Photo Shoot Blog.
TYKIME: Your very welcome.