Friday, February 28, 2014

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT featuring Cara Silverman and Brittany Diaz

ME: Good evening everyone, we are here at the DL Lounge for "Candy Rock" featuring the makeup creations by Sara Silverman and Brittany Diaz. First, we will begin with Sara Silverman. Good evening Sara.
CARA: Good evening

ME: Let's talk about tonight's show. Do you have a specific theme?
CARA: Bright, vibrant CANDY! I've gotten a lot of fun, unique pieces, including real candy and scrap booking supplies that I'm going to incorporate into tonight's looks.
ME: Cool, how long have you been a MUA?
CARA: Professionally, about 3 years now, but I've been playing with make-up since preschool.

ME: Herbert Fox is directly involved with tonight's show, he has been promoting events for over 20 years, what's it like to work with a legend?
CARA: Very exciting! This is my first time directly working with him and I look forward to meeting him in person.
ME: I will try and get a photo for you. As a MUA what can a model do to help your creativity in such an extravagant show like the one this evening?
CARA: It helps when a model knows her angles, and uses a variety of them on the runway so that the wonderful photographers can capture different views of their faces. also, I love a model with good energy who really makes the outfit, makeup, hair, everything just come alive.

ME: Cool, I want to take lots of photos showing off your talents. I want you to tell the models that we will be taking a few pictures together for the blog immediately following the show. If anyone is interested in hiring you for a makeup job, what is your contact information including your website?
CARA: I will certainly let them know my email is which I use for bookings and I have my fan page on FB: - which is more current right now, as my website is currently undergoing a major redesign update.

ME: Great, does your page have your pricing information on it as well or can they contact you directly for pricing information?
CARA: They can contact me directly. I try to keep my pricing somewhat customizable which varies greatly depending on the project, number of looks, level of difficulty, etc.
ME: Great, before we go, do you have any last words for the audience that you would like to share?
CARA: I hope that everyone enjoys the show and the very colorful, spunky, unique looks that are planned! It's an honor to work with Candy-Rock Couture and I'm looking forward to a fabulous show!

Cara departs as she is still preparing for the show. Joining us now is tonight's second makeup artist, Brittany Diaz.
ME: Good evening Brittany and thank you for taking the time out to talk about tonight's show and the makeup job that you did for the show.
BRITTANY: Good evening

ME: In a few minutes the show is about to start and we are going to see some great designs and and makeup. Why don't you introduce yourself to the audience and tell us about who you were working with tonight.
BRITTANY: Good evening everyone, my name is Brittany Diaz and I did the makeup for "Karma Kitty, Black/White Bonnie, Jackie Allegra and Mistress Fire."
ME: How would you describe your creations and what you did this evening for the show?
BRITTANY: I work with bright and edgy colors. I was trying to create a look that would be described as "awesome." I did about half of the girls makeup in the show.
ME: If someone is interested in learning more about Brittany Diaz and your makeup skills, where can they find you?
BRITTANY: First, I am also known as Brittany Diaz, Makeup Goddess. If anyone wants to find out more about my makeup ability I can be found on Facebook as "Brittany Diaz" on Facebook.
ME: Well ladies and gentlemen, this concludes another edition of the MET Fashion Photo Show "Artist Spotlight." Stay tuned as "Beyond the Runway" is coming very soon. Beyond the Runway will go behind the scenes of fashion shows and the fashion industry focusing on everyone and everything from photographers to models, makeup artists to promoters. Beyond the Runway will give you an up close and personal insight that will introduce you to a lot of things that you don't normally see or hear. Once again thank you for tuning in and stay tuned!