Wednesday, August 7, 2013

MET Fashion Photo Show Presents "Artist Spotlight featuring Celebrity Fashion Designer Jason Christopher Peters"

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome a special edition of the MET Fashion Photo Show blog. Tonight's spotlight focuses on celebrity fashion designer Jason Christopher Peters.Jason's fashions have appeared in the following magazines; PEOPLE, Cosmopolitan, Star, Us Weekly, OK!, Teen People, Sister to Sister, Face On, Beautiful Girl, Style 101, and many more. Jason has a unique eye for design and his appearance in fashion shows draws very large crowds. This was evident last night at the Sky Room as there was standing room only as Jason introduced his latest designs to the delight of many fashionistas in attendance.

I was able to learn a little more about Jason and his designs through his colleague, Ms Christina Marie Edwards.

ME: Good evening Christina and thank you for taking a few minutes to answer some of the questions in regards to Jason's clothing line.
CHRISTINA: You are very welcome.
ME: Please tell the audience a little bit about Jason Peters and how his company (Jason Christopher Peters) got started.
CHRISTINA: Jason was freelancing and designing while in California. He was working with another designer when he realized how good his clothing line was. He decided that he could make a great impact in the fashion industry.
ME: Can you tell the audience what or who got him started?
CHRISTINA: Jason was attending law school and while he was in school he started designing. Jason was also a model and he still models today. His designs became very popular and his clothing line skyrocketed. (The likes of celebrities such as Betsy Johnson and Omarion have worn his fashions in the past)
ME: If someone is interested in learning more about Jason Peters and his clothing line how can they learn more?
CHRISTINA: If anyone is interested in his clothing line they can get more information on his website;
ME: Christina, I know that you have to run but please use 3 words that would best describe Jason's product line.
CHRISTINA: Innovative, Eclectic and Unique.
ME: As I continue to photograph Jason, the models and all of the invited guests who have attended tonight's show, Jason apologizes for not having enough time to complete the interview himself but I know that he was working all afternoon making sure that everything was perfect for tonights show. It was not only an event for Jason, but it was also a celebration for Fashion Show Producer Urban Gypsy. She is celebrating two years in the industry producing shows all over the city.

This concludes tonight's edition of "Artist Spotlight". Stay tuned as we will visit Urban Gypsy Productions next week as the Indo-Caribbeans's youngest and most daring designer, Renu Dasrath, as she unveils a tantalizing new Cocktail Dress line in a live rooftop fashion show.

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