Tuesday, August 20, 2013

MET Fashion Photo Show Special Edition Presents: "The Networking Event at MI-5"

On Monday evening at the M1-5 lounge in Lower Manhattan(52 Walker Street), the M1-5 lounge played host to "Fashion Fete", a networking, fashion show event filled with designers, models and performers. Several designers lined the runway with their latest fashions while vendors in attendance shared their own product lines with the audience. I had the pleasure of interviewing two of the featured entrepreneurs who wowed the audience at the show with their creations. My first guest designer of the evening was Ms. Reeta Grinnard of "Cuffem". Cuffem is a flexible cuff for locks, braids and natural hair.

ME: Good evening Ms. Grinnard, please tell the audience how you created your company "Cuffem" and what motivated you to do so.
REETA GRINNARD: I was inspired to create my company in 2010. My locks were getting longer. I wanted to get away from the products that were out there that I used to maintain my locks. Every time that I tried to use a product to tie up my locks it would end up breaking them. I created Cuffem for everyone who was going through the same thing that I was.

ME: If someone is interested in learning more about your products, where can they go?
REETA GRINNARD: My website is "Flexiblecuffforlocks.com". They can also look for my page on Facebook. I have different sizes and colors.
The second designer that I interviewed is a jewelry designer. Dennis Arnold is the creator of "The Lewis Butu Collection". Dennis's jewelry is simple and sophisticated. It can be worn with mostly anything. He sticks to basic colors and designs to blend in with the outfits that a person is wearing.

"His jewelry accessorizes without overpowering what the person is wearing."

Dennis's product line is available at "Lewisbutu.com". You can also find his jewelry on Facebook. Products can be ordered both online and on Facebook.

The first show this evening featured "Rebirth" by Kerry Donald. One thing that can be appreciated with her line is the fact that it doesn't matter if you are going to work, or an evening on the town, her clothing line looks right for either occasion.


  1. Thank you for acknowledging my designs on your blog! That is exactly the way I design my clothing for any occasion. You should be able to mic and match your work pieces into casual pieces into evening pieces. Love the support.

    Kerry Donald

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