Thursday, April 18, 2013

The MET Fashion Photo Show Artist Spotlight featuring "Ebony Edwards"

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to a new feature found in the MET Fashion Photo Show blog called "Artist Spotlight." Artist Spotlights will showcase fashion designers, models, photographers, producers, and anyone else directly involved in the fashion industry. Artist Spotlights will give you the a brief introduction to the artist being featured, and the products and/or services that they are providing for the public. Today's Artist Spotlight features Ebony Edwards, model and designer. She is the force behind "Train Dirty Fitness."

Fashion Subject: Ebony Edwards

Clothing Line(s):"Hello World Stylez, Work It Girl & Train Dirty Fitness"

Location of Product(s)/Service(s): Facebook

Description of Product(s)/Service(s): "My clothing line is very universal. You can wear an outfit three different times. My clothing line is making a statement; Hello world! I'm trying to make a statement everywhere you go with my clothing line."

Tagline(s): "As a young woman, mother or lady, you will always have a new look."

What the artist(s) wants you to know: "Showing some skin is not necessarily a bad thing. I want to sell sex appeal, jazzy and classy."

What the artist is wearing now: Ebony is currently wearing a piece called "Connections". The blouse can be closed when you want it to. It can be worn with a nice pair of leggings and heels. Ebony is currently demonstrating the versatility of her outfit with leggings and heels.

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