Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The MET Fashion Photo Show Presents "Shandel Jones"

Welcome back everyone. Today I am proud to introduce you to Ms. Shandel Jones. Shandel is a young, self described "Fashionista" who loves to shop. I had the pleasure of photographing Shandel and her boyfriend Raheem in the Downtown section of Brooklyn. When we did today's photo shoot, it was very cold outside. Since it's December, and we are talking about "winter wardrobes", the day couldn't have been better. Shandel was accompanied by her boyfriend Raheem. He agreed to take some photographs with her. I asked them to meet me on Jay Street in the Downtown section of Brooklyn. When both parties arrived, they were coincidentally wearing the same colors. (Black and Gray) Needless to say this made the interview very easy. I started off our interview by asking Shandel about her outfit.

ME: You both said that you had no idea what colors you were wearing for today's photo shoot. How long have you guys been dating?
SHANDEL: We've been dating for about a year and a half. We actually do pick up on each others thoughts very well. This isn't the first time that we've been out with the same colors on. We just look at each other like "Were you peeking inside of my window today?" Most of the time we will now check with each other to see what color the other one is wearing so that we won't look like twins.

ME: Do you ever dress alike intentionally?
SHANDEL: Never! He thinks that dressing alike is lame.

ME: Shandel, Can you please describe what you are wearing for the audience?
SHANDEL: My outfit is a basic, winter, work day outfit. Grey slacks, black shirt, black wool coat, and grey and black boots.

ME: And where did you purchase your outfit from?
SHANDEL: I purchased my slacks and shirt from Banana Republic. The coat I believe was purchased from Century 21. The coat was designed by Jessica Simpson. I bought the boots from "" and they were designed by "Luichiny."

ME: Where did you get your hair done, and who is your stylist?
SHANDEL: I get my hair done at a salon upstate in Poughkeepsie called "The Golden Girls Beauty Salon located at 400 Main Street. My stylist's name is Tonya.

ME: Thank you Shandel, and if you wouldn't mind, please tell the audience what you look for when you go shopping?
SHANDEL: I look for things that are loud, bold and different. Anything (Especially shoes and stockings) that will make someone turn their heads and look twice, that's what I look for.

ME: How would you describe your fashion style?
SHANDEL: My fashion sense is very versatile. But for the most part, I'm really "girly." I love heels and the taller the heel, the better. I also love dresses and skirts.

ME: What are three must have items for the upcoming winter season?
SHANDEL: Wow, only three things? There are so many things that a woman must have going into the enter. But if I had to narrow it down, I guess that I would say every woman needs a nice pair of boots that can be dressed up or dressed down. A nice coat is a must have item. Maybe a wool coat or even a Military style coat. Military coats seem to be in this season. Finally, a nice pair of snow boots, preferably some "Uggs" boots. I picked Uggs boots because they are warm and it looks like it's going to be a bad winter.

ME: The audience is now getting a sense of who you are as a fashionista. What are three words that you would use to best describe yourself for the audience?
SHANDEL: Confident, Creative and a Shoe-a-holic.

ME: Shandel I want to take this time to personally thank you and your boyfriend for taking the time for the photo shoot and answering the questions for today's blog.

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