Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MET Fashion Photo Show Presents: "By Me Brooklyn"

Good afternoon again ladies and gentlemen and thank you for joining me in another edition of the MET Fashion Photo Show blog. My blog focuses on real New Yorker’s wearing real New York fashions. In addition to interviewing New Yorker’s wearing fashions, I am going to also interview boutique and clothing store owners as well. In today’s edition of the blog I am going to focus on a boutique located in Brooklyn on Myrtle Avenue. “By Me Brooklyn” is located at 519 Myrtle Avenue. This boutique has the latest women’s fashions and tends to be a very popular stop amongst the residents that reside in the neighborhood. At this time I would like to introduce you to two of the fashion coordinators that make “By Me Brooklyn” a must stop on your shopping list. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Jaqueline and Chloe.

ME: Good afternoon ladies and thank you for allowing me to interview you for the latest edition of the Fashion Photo Show blog.

ME: Jaqueline please tell the audience a little bit about how “By Me Brooklyn” and “Barking Brown” got started.
JAQUELINE: The owner is a graduate of Pratt University. She loves the area. She realized that this is a great neighborhood and it is continuing to gain in popularity. (The buses and trains connect to Downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan in less than fifteen minutes) She also realized that there were not a lot of clothing shops or boutiques for the residents in the neighborhood. With that in mind, Barking Brown was created. (Barking Brown is located at 468 Myrtle Avenue, just three blocks away from Be My Brooklyn) Barking Brown has been open for about three years now. After the huge success of Barking Brown, By Me Brooklyn was created. (By Me Brooklyn is another fashion boutique and it is the sister store of Barking Brown.)

ME: Can you tell the audience what each store is known for?
JAQUELINE: Barking Brown has accessories, handbags, scarves and hats. The hats are for both men and women. By Me Brooklyn has more clothes and shoes. We feature the “Grace” line of hats which are created in Tokyo, Japan.

ME: What are your store hours and the phone numbers for each store?
JAQUELINE: By Me Brooklyn is open Monday to Thursday, 10am x 7pm, Friday and Saturday until 8pm, and Sunday’s until 6pm. (718-622-7260) Barking Brown is open Monday to Saturday 10am x 9pm, and Sunday’s until 8pm. (718-638-3757)

ME: Why do so many people visit your locations?
JAQUELINE: Our customers constantly tell us that they love to come into our stores and strike up conversations with us. Even if they aren’t buying anything, they love to stop in and receive a warm welcome, as well as answers to their fashion questions. If you are having an event and it requires a specific outfit or accessory, we can help you find it. If you have questions about clothing, or what’s in style right now, we love helping our customers find the right item or outfit that suits them. (I am witnessing this first hand as Chloe is attending to two customers while Jaqueline is providing the information for today’s blog) We don’t mind recommending another store if we don’t have, or carry a specified item that you may be looking for. (Jaqueline and Chloe have extensive knowledge about what is in this store as well as what is in Barking Brown. As one of the ladies in the store needs an accessory, Jaqueline is quick to remember that the item might be right down the street and promptly calls over there.) We want our customers to feel relaxed and to have a great experience while browsing through our store. We want the stores to have a personal feel to them. Both locations are small and intimate.

ME: And what major credit cards do you accept?
JAQUELINE: We take the four major credit cards, American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover.

ME: And the feel of the store, how would you describe it?
JAQUELINE: Trendy, but unique.

ME: I’m pretty sure that the majority of our audience want to know what’s in this season.
JAQUELINE: Lace up boots are going to be be back this season.
Fur and trimming will be in reds and blues are going to be in this year as well. This year is going to be unique because you can have skinny or flair. (Jaqueline believes that within the next year or so, we could see the return of vibrant colors. (Such as the colors seen in the mid eighties, yes, those very bright neon colors!)

ME: Jaqueline, my audience is going to want to know about specific items such as jewelry and what can be done with it. I want to name some specific items and I would like you to tell our audience what they can expect to see.

ME: Lets start off with jewelry.
JAQUELINE: In regards to jewelry, you will see items with feathers, motif, shaped bangles (For example, rectangular shaped items). You will see jewelry that makes a big statement. Necklaces and rings for the Fall/Winter season will be popular.

ME: Sweaters
JAQUELINE: You will see sweaters that are a little tighter in the waist, but with a roomier fit in the shoulder area. This will be a good look with skinny jeans. Asymmetrical sweaters are in. You will also see short waist and long waist sweaters. There will be uneven cuts off of the shoulder as well.

ME: This is the part of the blog where I ask what are the must have items for the fall.
JAQUELINE: The must have items for the fall are:
Lace up boots
Flair pants
Bold, statement jewelry

ME: Can you tell the audience what clothing that “statement jewelry” can be worn with? (An example of statement jewelry is the necklace pictured on the side)
JAQUELINE: Statement jewelry can be worn with a turtleneck or worn over a dress. It should be worn with a crew neck sweater, or someone with a high neck.

ME: What other patterns, items or accessories will we be seeing in the near future?
JAQUELINE: Belts will be back but they will be thinner. There will be lots of mixed patterns. If you are conservative, you must wear bold, statement jewelry. Since there will be a mixture of fashion items, you should see things like a jean jacket with a cocktail dress.

ME: You told me that you are a “Fashion Merchandiser”, one of my students is also studying to be a fashion merchandiser, can you tell the audience some of the things that a fashion merchandiser does?
JAQUELINE: Some of the things that a fashion merchandiser does includes buying clothing and accessories for stores. They also set up displays for clothing items.

ME: Thank you Jaqueline.
JAQUELINE: Your welcome.

ME: Most of the staff that works here majored in fashion. Their dedication to their profession is evident. Customers that come into the store are greeted with warm smiles and a sincerity that is truly hard to find in a larger retail store. The conversations that take place with the customers keep them coming back often. This is truly a skill that many other stores do not have. I would strongly suggest visiting either location for a truly unique shopping experience. Once again I would like to thank you for tuning into the MET Fashion Photo Show blog. Stay tuned next time as I share my experience with you in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Don’t forget to sign up for the Fashion Photo show blog for a chance to win a souvenir from Nicaragua.

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