Friday, July 25, 2014

MET Fashion Photography's Artist Spotlight Presents: "Jae Sincere of Serenity Nights"

Jay Sincere is a man who has dreams. He loves the fashion world and wishes to share his love and dreams with everyone who wants to share it with him. Last year, Jae produced a fashion show that was well attended by several hundred people who shared the same vision of fashion as he did. On Saturday April 26th, 2014, Jae Sincere brought his vision to the Apostles Church in Manhattan for a night filled with fashion, fun and lots of entertainment. Not only did Jae produce a great show, but he also recognized the men and women of the USO who have greatly served, and who are still today, proudly serving our great nation.

As I briefly spoke to Jae earlier this afternoon and asked him about what he would like to say about his organization, he stated that he would get back to me so that we could set up an interview. One thing that he did say was that "We're just an indie company with dreams of commercial success for all involved." As a member of the press covering last nights event I must say that if last nights show is any indication of the things to come in the future, just remember the name "Jae Sincere" as he will be coming to a fashion venue near you very soon.

The next show is taking place on Saturday August 9th, 2014 at the Holy Apostle Church in Manhattan located at 296 9th Avenue at the corner of 28th Street. Tickets are only $20 and they are still available!

At this time I would like to show you some of the future models that were featured in last nights show.

And here are the adults:

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