Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fashion Pics 1

Welcome to the first edition of Fashion Pics. Today I am photographing three aspiring models. We will be taking pictures in the Long Island City area of Queens, New York. One of the many things that this area is known for is its amazing views of Manhattan.

Today I am going to focus on Suquaia “Suki” Grant. In the photo shoot, Suki is wearing mirrored sunglasses, a black top with blue jeans, and black leather boots. The sunglasses are round, mirrored sunglasses that have a sort of “retro” feel to them. I first ask Suki about the sunglasses that she is wearing. “The sunglasses are “aviator style” sunglasses. A universal look in my opinion, but can be considered “retro” to others. I found them on Fulton Street amongst the vendors at the Fulton Street Mall. You shouldn’t have trouble finding sunglasses because there are so many vendors on Fulton Street that they have sunglasses galore.”

The top is a black, cowl neck, half sleeve baby doll blouse that she purchased from Pay Half. As Suki describes it, “It fits to the curves with an attached gold buckled belt to add pizzazz to its dark color.” Her jeans were purchased from Dr. Jays and I wanted her to elaborate a little bit about them. “The jeans are skinny jeans with an unusual, but stylish spandex fitting around the ankle. The back pockets have a silver lining around them as well.” Both items were purchased from Pay Half and Dr. Jays located in the Downtown section of Brooklyn.

I finally asked Suki to describe the boots that she was wearing. “The boots are high heeled, knee highs with gold buckles and a discreet zipper. The flap folds at the top for individuality.” Suki’s boots were purchased from the Strawberry’s located in Downtown Brooklyn.

I asked Suki where she would like to wear this outfit and why. “This is a girl’s nite out/first date kind of outfit. It’s not too sexy, but it’s not too bland either.”Suki has a beautiful smile to go along with a great personality. The clothes shine because the person that is wearing them also shines. As a college student she understands the importance of getting good grades, and also looking great in school. New York City is one of the greatest fashion locations in the world. Suki is just the latest example of why New York City plays host to Fashion Week.

Well, this concludes today’s edition of “Fashion Pics”. I am interested in photographing the clothes that you would like to see, and the neighborhoods in New York City that you would like to see them in. Feel free to contact me @ Thanks again for taking the time to read “Fashion Pics.”

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