Thursday, May 23, 2013

MET Fashion Photo Show Presents: "Body Beautiful Accents" at the Sky Room

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another edition of the MET Fashion Photo Show blog. On Tuesday May 21st, visitors at the Sky Room were treated to a spectacular show featuring the creative makeup skills of Tawni Michelle. In addition, the jewelry worn by each model was created by two young designers whose pieces are getting a lot of attention in the fashion world; Kawin Long and Jasmin Rhoden. Tawni, Kawin & Jasmin took time out of their busy schedules to sit down and discuss their creations, ideas and direction. It is my pleasure to introduce these three women to you as they share a piece of themselves this evening in a very unique and exciting fashion show.

ME: Good evening Tawni and thank you for participating in today's edition of the MET Photo Fashion Show blog. I know that you have a wonderful show coming up in a few minutes.
TAWNI: Yes I do and thank you for having me.

ME: How long have you been doing makeup?
TAWNI: I have been doing makeup for thirteen years and I have been doing makeup through my company for the past seven years.

ME: What is your influence?
TAWNI: I don't like standard, beauty makeup. I like "avant garde", creativity.

ME: How long does it take you to paint someone using body paint?
TAWNI: The process can take as long as two hours. I was using liquid latex paint.

ME: The models look great. Where can we see more of your work?
TAWNI: If anyone is interested in seeing more of my work and learning more about what I can do with makeup, they can visit my website at

ME: Can products be purchased from your website?
TAWNI: Yes they can.

ME: That's great, I know that you have to get back to the show and I really appreciate you taking some time to introduce our viewers to your creative style but I have to ask you three must have items for the upcoming spring/summer season.
TAWNI: 1) Bold, matte colors that are good for eyes and lips. I like pink, yellow and orange specifically.
2) Mascarra
3) Shimery blush

ME: I know that you have a slogan for your company and it has expressed everything that we discussed tonight and I'm sure that we will see it in the show but please share your slogan with the audience.
TAWNI: "Creating drama all over your face"

ME: Thank you Tawni. Good luck with the show!
TAWNI: Thank you.

ME: Continuing with this edition of the blog it's time to learn about the jewelry that will be featured in tonight's show. First we are going to talk to Jasmin Rhoden. Her pieces are being worn by Angie and Danielle this evening. Good evening Danielle and thank you for participating in tonight's Fashion Photo Show blog.
JASMIN: Thank you for having me.

ME: Tonight you are participating in a body paint show with Tawni Michelle and you are featuring your jewelry in the show. Please tell the audience about your jewelry line.
JASMIN: The name of my line is "Lailaskye Boutique."

ME: How long have you been designing jewelry?
JASMIN: I have been designing jewelry for over a year now.

ME: Where can we see more of your jewelry line.
JASMIN: The audience can see more of my work by visiting my website; www.

ME: I know that we don't have much time but I wanted to ask you about three must have items for the spring/summer season. This is something that I ask al; of my guests.
JASMIN: 1) Crystal beaded bracelets from Leila Skye
2)Statement neck pieces
3) Bold and bright colors

ME: Thank you Jasmin for participating in today's blog. Before you go I wanted to get some final thoughts from you about tonight's show.
JASMIN: Tonight's show is going to be great and I am very happy with the models and the show. It's going to be great!

ME: Thank you Jasmin and good luck tonight. As I mentioned earlier, there are two designers for tonight's show. I would like to introduce you to the second designer for tonight's show. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Ms Kawin Long. Good evening Kawin and welcome to the Fashion Photo Show blog.

KAWIN: Good evening and thank you for having me.

ME: Kawin, we are minutes away from a very exciting show and the models featured in the show will be wearing some of your designs. Can you please tell the audience about your jewelry?
KAWIN: Yes. The name of my jewelry line is "Capchique". I can be found on Facebook. My jewelry can be worn with many outfits. You can dress casually because the styles and colors of my pieces are "bold."

ME: Ziad is wearing one of your pieces, please give a brief description of the piece that he is wearing.
KAWIN: Ziad is wearing one of my pieces that is very versatile. This piece can be worn as a long chain or it can be wrapped. It comes in silver and black. If you would like more information about any of my pieces, you can call me at (347) 676-6945.

ME: That's great. I see that Darcy is wearing another one of your pieces. Please tell us a little about the piece that he is wearing.
KAWIN: Darcy is wearing a very unique piece. It has a velvet backdrop to lie comfortably on your body. You can wear this piece with casual clothes. This piece is very one of the bold pieces that I mentioned earlier.

ME: What would you like the audience to know about your jewelry line?
KAWIN: My jewelry is affordable. We sell rings, bracelets and scarves. I can be found on Facebook under my name "Kawin Long, or by searching for "Capchique."

ME: Kawin, the show is about to start so you have to run. Before you go though, please leave the audience with one last thought about your company.
TAWIN: "Accessorize your life!"

ME: Thank you Kawin. Good luck with the show.
KAWIN: Thank you, and thank you for having me.

ME: Ladies and gentlemen thank you again for tuning into another edition of the MET Fashion Photography blog. Stay tuned as we will feature several designers in a very special edition of "Artist Spotlight". Several designers from several different shows over the last few weeks will be featured in a special edition blog focusing on the designer, their designs, and where they can be found on the web. Stay tuned! Watch out for the fashion shows by tuning into the MET Photography's Fashion Photography page. Visit my page today to see the rest of the photos from The Body Beautiful Accents Show at the Sky Room Hotel.

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