Monday, June 10, 2013

Natasha Adonzio at the Sky Room featuring the "Animal Magnatizom Catwalk Show"

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. After spending a beautiful week in Lucea, Negril and Montego Bay, it's time to get back to work. Before I left I had the pleasure of photographing Natasha Adonzio's "Animal Magnatizom Catwalk Show" at the Sky Room, and "Brittney's Birthday Bash" featuring "Wicked" by Roberta Thompson at the Chelsea Manor. I would like to go in chronological order so on Wednesday May 29th I was at the Sky Room wit Natasha Adonzio. She has been involved in the fashion world for over twenty years and her collections continue to amaze fashion fans all over the city. It is my pleasure to first introduce you to Natasha Adonzio.

ME: Good afternoon Natasha and thank you for allowing me to interview you for the latest edition of the Fashion Photo Show blog.
NATASHA: Thank you for having me.

ME: Please tell the audience a little bit about Natasha NYC and how Natasha NYC got started.
NATASHA: I go back to the late seventies. I started on St. Mark's place in the village when "Punk" was just beginning. I was doing Punk before it got popular. I fell right into it. I took a little time off to redevelop and explore my creativity and I came back with a vengeance in 2006 and haven

ME: If someone is interested in learning more about Natasha NYC how can they learn more?
NATASHA: They can visit my website at

ME: Please use 3 words that would best describe your product line
1) Sexy
2) Outrageous
3) Daring

ME: What makes your products unique?
NATASHA: My product line is unique because it is sexy, outrageous and daring. You will see some of that during tonight's show.

ME: What is the expected availability date of your product(s)? Is there a website that our audience can visit to see more of your product line?
NATASHA: Products are available at Patricia Fields and online at my website. (

ME: You’re participating in today’s show. What does it mean to you?
NATASHA: Participating in today's show means a lot to me. I'm very excited that my line is here and that people are interested. I don't care if it is 50 or 500 people, I appreciate the fact that people are taking time to come out to my show. I don't rely on what's going on, I want to see the crowds.

ME: Is there anything else that you want the audience to know about your product line?
NATASHA: Yes, it's for sale! Lol!

ME: This is the part of the blog where I ask my guest in their opinion what are the must have items for the season. What are the 3 must have items for the Spring Season
NATASHA: The must have items for the new season are:
1) Fake leather
2) Fake fur
3) Fabulous jackets

ME: Thank you Natasha.
NATASHA: Thank you for having me.

ME: Ladies and gentlemen this concludes the first blog. Stay tuned for the second edition of the MET Fashion Photo Show blog featuring Roberta Thompson of "Wicked".

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