Thursday, September 19, 2013

MET Fashion Photo Show Presents "Artist Spotlight" featuring Devyn Shaughnessy & Pamela Quinzi

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another Artist Spotlight edition of the Fashion Photo Show blog. Devyn Shaughnessy & Pamela Quinzi have been designing clothes and shows for several years now. The two first met at a fashion show in 2010 and have remained friends ever since. Pamela's unique shoes along with Devyn's bright and bold colors make for a great fashion tandem. The two appeared at the DL Lounge tonight to keep the great trend of fashion shows going. They did not disappoint as the models walking the runway provided the DL with a lot of energy and excitement.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Devyn Shaughnessy before the show and learning a little about the clothing line that she presented tonight.

ME: Good evening Devyn and thank you for taking the time to briefly talk about your clothing line before the start of tonight's show.
DEVYN: Your welcome

ME: What's the name of your clothing line?
DEVIN: "Devyn Shaughnessy"

ME: Where can members of the audience find your clothing line?
DEVYN: Anyone wishing to see my clothing line can visit my website. I can be found at ""

ME: When you click onto her website, she does not apologize for her bold and brite colors, she embraces them with a passion. She wants the world to see her passion for bright colors and it works as you see.

ME: Who is your clothing line designed for?
DEVYN: My clothes are designed for the "party girl" in mind. My clothes are inspired for the imagination, for the imaginative.

ME: I also want to mention that not only did Pamela Quinzi appear in tonight's show with her good friend, she also brought along her own show collection, "Kilame". The two styles worked very well together.

Ladies and gentlemen thanks again for taking time out of your busy schedules to once again follow the MET Fashion Photo Show blog. Next time we are going to feature a new segment called the MET Fashion Photo Show "Artist Special Edition." I had the pleasure of interviewing Fashion Designer/Model/Photographer/Humanitarian Adrian Alicea. Find out about who Adrian Alicea is and why he loves doing what he does.

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