Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MET Fashion Photography Presents: Artist Spotlight Featuring Nippy Lavern

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another edition of the MET Photography Fashion Photo Show blog. Tonight's Artist Spotlight focuses on an artists whose designs are fashionable, edgy and unique. Nippy Lavern is a designer who likes walking on the wild side and she has her clothing line to prove it. Her clothing line is so popular that fashion designer Hillary Flowers teamed up with Nippy Lavern on October 15th for Fashion Tuesday's at the Sky Room. Right after tonight's show I wanted Nippy to share a few comments with the audience.
ME: Good evening Nippy and thank you for a few minutes. How would you describe your clothing line?
NIPPY: It is a fusion between a man and a woman, like an "alpha male".
ME: Based on that description I want you to use three words that would best describe your clothing line:
NIPPY: 1) Tailored 2) Infused 3) Edgy
ME: If the audience wants to see more of your creations where can they go?
NIPPY: If anyone wants to see my clothing line they have several options. They can visit my website at Nippylavern.com. They can visit me on Instagram at "Instagram@nippylavern and they can visit me on Facebook.
ME: Thank you Nippy. Do you have any last words for the audience?
NIPPY: Yes, please check out my clothing line!
Well ladies and gentlemen that concludes another "Artist Spotlight". Thank you for visiting and stay tuned because the next segment of my blog is coming soon, "Beyond the Runway". Beyond the Runway is going to be an in depth look at the Fashion Industry from the viewpoints of the models, photographers, promoters, fashion designers, makeup artists and everyone else that plays a role in putting today's fashion industry on your smart phones, tablets, televisions and runways. Stay tuned!

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