Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Little Black Dress

Hello again ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another edition of the MET Fashion Photo Show Blog. We are at Beautique located at 8 West 58th Street in Midtown.
Hillary Flowers showcased some of her latest designs for everyone in attendance. On this particular evening she featured some pieces from her Little Black Dress (LBD) Collection. Today the term “little black dress” is used throughout the fashion world, but what is it really? When can you wear it? What venues are appropriate? Hillary took time out of her busy schedule to address this issue for us.
ME: Please describe for the audience what the little black dress is.
HILLARY: The little black dress is the dress that transcends from day to night. You can go to business meetings and then to a party and you never have to worry about going out of style.
Tonight, Hillary invited some of her friends to model some of her little black dresses at this evenings networking event.
Some of the models in attendance included the lovely Irina Dimitrova and Mikyoung Ayala.
If you are interested in seeing some more of Hillary’s collection, visit her on Facebook. Just search for “Hillary Flowers”
Well ladies and gentlemen, this concludes another edition of the MET Fashion Photo Show Blog. Thank you again for taking time out of your schedule to follow my posts. To keep up with everything going on in the world of fashion, tune in to New York Style Guide Magazine via

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